Our Values


The challenge to deliver truly sustainable buildings, is the founding principle that drives & inspires our work. While acknowledging inherent limitations, the severity of the environmental issues resulting from current industry practice compels us to continually seek improvement & push towards that target.

Quantitative & Optimised

Our services are grounded on best practice principles of cost-benefit analysis, lifecycle analysis, multi-objective optimisation, and triple-bottom line principles. Our objectives are always to achieve the greatest environmental benefit for the available budget.


Achieving the best environmental outcomes relies on open & efficient communication between a broad range of stakeholders across numerous disciplines.


Achieving great outcomes relies on following through from project inception to operation. While we are able to join a project at any stage, our services offering covers the whole of a building’s life cycle.

Our Services

Section J DTS Assessments

Energy Efficiency compliance for Non Residential (Class 2 to 9) Buildings can be obtained through either JV3 Energy Modelling or via meeting the Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) Provisions of the National Construction Code (NCC). While this method does entail the least certification cost, these DTS requirements are fixed, relatively inflexible & can sometimes constrain either outright compliance, design options, capital cost or all three!

Thankfully at NBE we know & can advise on when it is most appropriate to achieve compliance through the DTS approach or via the alternative JV3 approach to give greater design flexibility and potentially achieve even greater energy efficiency performance or lower upfront capital costs.
Section J of the NCC has the following sections, of which your compliance requirements will be project specific:
J1 – Building Fabric – Insulation
J2 – Glazing – Windows & Shading
J3 – Building Sealing
J5  – Air-Conditionining & Ventilation
J6 – Artificial Lighting & Power
J8 – Access for Maintenance & Facilities for Monitoring

Nick Bishop ESD have undertaken hundreds of Section J DTS Assessments from cafe fitouts to huge institutional buildings.Our assessments ensure that the most appropriate, cost-effective & efficient for insulation, glazing and services are recommended.